With amazing creativity, power of free expression, Korean youth vision to create 90th centry culture.

The direct and exploding expression manner makes us feel both unfamiliar and freedom and interest in basic system. This is the power of free expression, which can stimulate exisiting culture, meanwhile express your thinking and creativity honestly, admit the most powerful owner is yourself. Variety cultures apprears in that period so that people has opinion in transformation. The culture in 90th century expects for progress of technology. In the meantime the societic points increase. This is the reference and concept source of this fashion show.

Mix and reform with modern point of rebellion of conservation, people of stimulation generation's enjoyment and then express with critisiced vision and modern teenager culture to explain sensibility of vintage.

The 90th's culture and fashion which is the conflict of multiculture adn then brings new trend shows the free and crazy culture in X generation. Through using the items never used in clothing which like metal, chain shows the image that Rshemiste only has, in the meanwhile it changes the details that confirmed charmingly.

For example, usually strings are only used in jumpers but when they are used in dress shirts or tailored jacket would makes them change freely and change the silhouette. It not only can expand the item form but also can be the humor of Rshemiste that fit modern youth.

As our slogan which is Korean elements we have is the most globalized 90th culture can perfectly express the youth culture that Rshemiste only have.

The styling, clothing accessories, music and other elements in 18SS Rshemiste can bring back memories of people who born in that period, and for youngers who lead the fashion trend is a fashionable vintage culture.