Once, we’ve seen a very impressive scene from an American series. A wealthy person captured as a war prisoner was going to the bathroom too often because the person has swallowed a ruby he had and defecated it to preserve the wealth. We could see two sides of the same coin which is a hopeful mind of going back to daily life after the war and the greediness of the upper class to preserve the vested rights.

The war always begins by someone’s greediness. Most people hurt their body and mind or even die in the process but some people extract concessions and earn the vested rights. We wanted to shed light on the various aspects of human that war brought.

* The intention of R.shemiste in ‘War Is Over’ can be interpreted as following design detail keywords.

Overlap Lace ? Everybody hurts from a war. It could be mind, shape, or spirit. The texture of human effort healing and overlapping from the damage is design-rendered by layering various materials.

Destroyed Denim ? Details of worn and torn display a de-constructivism design and it represents the various conflicting human lives during a war.

Leopard Pattern, Big Metal Jewelry ? It’s an expression about human nature. Unfortunately, there always have been conflicts between the Establishment pursuing their own profit and ordinary people, like hastily wearing a pearl necklace on a worn-out pajama.

Signature Graphic ? Motivated from a literature “Aimless Bullet”, it is a printing of Korean letter with rusty and burnt details and the contrast of complementary colors.

We described the design variation using the opposite features of each material for this season; Light materials like mesh with heavy materials like denim, clear-textured materials like lace with fine-textured materials like cotton.

Especially, this ‘19 S/S collection collaborates with Galaxy Note of Samsung, Samsonite and Camper, which is not only limited to the existing fashion brands but the collaboration R.shemiste with various industries. This represents “Another fashion in real life” that R.shemist suggests.